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Kathleen's War

Dardanelles Disaster Eel Pie Island - a history of Britain's oddest musical venue.
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The Grand Scuttle -  how a German admiral scuttled the Kaiser's battlefleet - in error.

The Last Corsair - how one small German warship ran riot in the Indian Ocean in 1914.
The Ship That Changed the World - how a large German warship in the Near East changed the course of history.
The Atlantic Campaign - U-boats v. convoys in the most important strategic struggle of World War II.
The Pacific Campaign - USA and Japan fight the world's largest-ever naval war across a vast ocean.
Freedom Was Never Like This - a journalist "discovers" East Germany after the Berlin Wall came down.
Stealth at Sea -  the history of the submarine from inverted rowing boat to nuclear monster.
The Riddle of the Titanic - was there a conspiracy behind the loss of the great liner?
The Good Nazi - probably the first biography of Albert Speer on which he had no influence.
Standard Of Power - the climax and decline of the Royal Navy in the 20th century.
Pearl Harbor - a detailed account of the Japanese attack that forced the USA to go to war.
D-Day - a blow-by-blow narrative on the Normandy landings and what followed.

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