Dan van der Vat

Unfinished Memoir

Dan van der Vat was writing his memoir at the time of his death in 2019. He had completed the first 6 chapters taking a journey from his life as a toddler in occupied Holland to the cusp of a new life working as a foreign correspondent in 1969.

With the agreement of his daughters, these chapters are published here. The chapter headings link to each document.

We would ask that you please respect the copyright and enjoy these memories without replicating, printing etc.

PROLOGUE - An Open Door

How the door was opened on Dan's future career as journalist and author.


Dan's family background and life in wartime Holland.

CHAPTER TWO - London (1)

School years in post-war London.


Unforgettable years at Durham University.

CHAPTER FOUR - Newcastle

Life as a junior reporter on The Journal and eloping with Chris.

CHAPTER FIVE - Manchester

Working at the Daily Mail in Manchester and Newcastle, then on to London.

CHAPTER SIX - London (2) Ham

From Sunday Times to The Times, poised for life as a foreign correspondant.


The Guardian - published 20th May 2019

The Times - published 9th August 2019 (pdf)


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